3 Tips for Selecting the Right Staffing Firm

1. The Specialists for Specialist Economy
Despite relatively high unemployment levels, many employers report having difficulty finding the right staff with special skills. It takes a progressive staffing firm to understand more about this new economy and the long-term challenges and opportunities for employers and professionals. So, as you plan to bring in a staffing company to help you, one of the major criteria should be to assess if they are specialists or generalists. The reason for being a staffing firm that specializes in the field in which you’re looking to hire can offer more targeted, higher-skilled candidates than generalist firms can.

2. Reputation & Relationships Matter
There’s an advantage in working with a staffing agency that has built a reputation and can back that up with testimonials and satisfied customers. To connect with top candidates, you’ll need a staffing firm that’s been in business long enough to develop a rapport with and respect in your industry. Those are the firms that attract the most skilled candidates. In addition are they committed to the success of their customers and can they fulfill their customers' needs?

3. Budget Vs. Right Firm for the Job
Never make your decision purely based on price. Yes, you have a budget and don’t want to exceed it, but that doesn’t mean the lowest priced staffing agency is your best option. Consider the expense and hassle that arises when you have to cut your losses and dismiss this “wrong” hire. In the long run, it’s more difficult for the manager and team to accommodate a poor performer than it is to invest in recruiting quality candidates for job placement.

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