Placement Types

Placement Services For Employers: HM Staffing Solutions helps companies fill many different types of staffing needs.

We place candidates in many different situations. We help our clients find qualified and suitable candidates for temporary, permanent and contract positions.

Many of our temporary placement clients’ business is very seasonal so they only have a short-term need for additional labour help. Another typical scenario is a company that has a short-term surge in their business that they do not expect to be sustained – HM Staffing Solutions provides temporary placements only when the need is there.

Our service model also allows you to see how candidates perform in real working conditions before they decide which candidate to hire – this is a temporary-to-permanent placement scenario. Finding and hiring the best candidate can be a costly and time consuming task but this temporary-to-permanent situation allows you to see how multiple candidates perform before you decide which candidate is the best fit as a permanent hire.

We also place candidates in part-time and full-time positions.

Whatever your staffing or recruitment needs, HM Staffing Solutions can help. Call us today at (416) 900 4116 or visit our contact page for other ways to connect with us and let’s get started!